Warner Bros. Animation

DC Super Hero Girls

Background Designer & Concept Artist  |  Feb. 2020 - present

-Designing and concepting backgrounds from provided animatics or finalized scripts.

-Assisting production team with breaking down background assets.

       Bento Box Entertainment

Paradise PD

Background Designer & Background Painter  |  April 2019 - Jan. 2020

-Designed backgrounds and location maps based off of storyboards / thumbnails.

-Colored backgrounds, props, and characters in ToonBoom Harmony.

-Assisted with asset breakdowns, file organization, asset management, and naming conventions.

-Worked with design teams in both North Hollywood, CA and Atlanta, GA.

Cancelled Projects (Marvel)

Concept Design & Art Direction  |  Nov. 2018 - April 2019

-Concepted locations, lighting, and color design for two cancelled Marvel projects.

-Helped lead design team and provided artistic direction for style of projects.

Alien News Desk

Background Designer, Prop Designer, & Background Painter  |  Oct. 2018 - March 2019

-Designed and colored assets for various stylized “commercials” within the SyFy channel show.

-Worked with design teams both in Atlanta, GA and North Hollywood, CA.

Kuroba World

Lead Background Designer & Background Painter  |  Aug. 2018 - Nov. 2018

-Designed and colored backgrounds in Photoshop for the Kuroba World web series.

-Worked with an established toy brand to bring the Kuroba world to life.

-Assisted with background asset breakdowns and creating location maps.

Lazor Wulf

Background Designer  |  June 2018 - Oct. 2018

-Designed and colored backgrounds in ToonBoom Harmony.

-Worked with design teams both in Atlanta, GA and North Hollywood, CA.

Moon & Me

Designer, Art Direction, & Fabricator  |  June 2017 - May 2018

-Designed and concepted assets for a stop motion / live action puppet set.

-Created scaled turnarounds for modelers & sculptors to create from.

-Helped fabricate scenes made of cut paper.

The New Adventures of Max

Background Designer & Background Painter  |  Dec. 2016 - March 2017

-Designed and painted backgrounds intended for national and international audiences


     Savannah College of Art & Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

Magna Cum Laude         



     Adobe CC, ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, SketchUp (experience), and Maya (experience)

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